Where am I right now?

Where am I? What is my location now? See at a glance my exact location on the satellite street view and the road map below. As soon as your location is found, a specific location sharing url is created to reflect your "where am I" data and enable you to share your current location simply by sending the url!

The first map is a classic street road map, for clarity, and the second one is a satellite street view to help you recognize where you are in your surroundings. Both where am I maps are centered on your current location — it's automatic, easy, and free! So bookmark this where am I app page now to get your location whenever you need it, whenever you're wondering "where am I right now?".

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Where am I through geocoding

When geolocation fails, you can still view maps of your location as long as you know your postal address. Fill in the address field at the top of the page and click on the checkmark button. Your address will be geocoded, transformed into GPS coordinates and automatically displayed on both maps.